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Whats new?

Heres a few photos of what im currently working on, Its a drawing of all things old, industrial and victorian with a certain person in mind….

Method of approach……  I wanted the card to look and feel really old and dirty so i made up a mix of soot and water and painted the A3 card then roasted it, after which i scrapped any remnants off and started work with a piolot V5 hi-tecpoint.


The Finished Product….’s

Nobody likes being ill………..What an incredible waste of time.


‘Study Of Snail’ ……..for those unfortunate enough to be caught out yesterday.

A Good Day…….

Today has been the perfect day for staying in, The rain came hard and heavy and all the plants were drunk, The wind ran a thousand marathons and me, I got some serious work done.

‘Nine Days’ is now complete and a whole other new paintng was started and completed today with those who were caught out in ‘The Perfect Day’ in mind.

Unfortunately the perfect day was not so perfect for photgraphs, So pictures soon.

BookFace page…..

Here is a link to my Facebook page where there are plenty more paintings and scribbles to see…….. BookFace

The First New Painting……Nine Days (draft)

First pictures of the latest addition “Nine Days” in progress…..

1. First sketch

2. Background

3. Final sketch / outlines

Acrylic on board 150cm x 100cm approx