Jubilee Jazz. .. …. . . . .

As some of you may know from previous posts  my Grandparents had this charcoal drawing up for years which a close friend of theirs had drawn for them, They were huge jazz fans and I never really got it as a kid jazz or the picture, As is with everything in life that inevitably changes.

The original drawing in question has ended up in my living room and is due to change hands again. Truth be told i don’t want to see it go but its out of my hands, Which has left me with a very large void so i decided to do a scale painting of the exact piece, Here’s the original and my version below. .. .. … . . . .


Jubilee Jazzmen

‘Jubilee Jazz’ Acrylic on board 193cm x 123cm

Dedicated to Brenda Steege. .. .. . . .



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