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Corporate Arts. . .. . … . .Arse. . / .

A few weeks ago i had to travel to Portsmouth at my own expense, waste a whole day waiting around in an awful tower block of offices just for the privilege of getting fired. It wasn’t the getting fired that really got me because i truly loathed the job i was in, and so despite the set backs it has since caused i was relieved. What did get me, was when i was sat on their perfect faux leather sofa, hundreds of feet up, in an air conditioned box, surrounded by meaningless pieces of ‘art’ behind frames probably more expensive than the piece itself was the people that inhabit this space and what this space meant.

The droids walk back and forth these halls all day chatting figures or gossiping about their colleagues completely oblivious to their surroundings, the ‘art’ on the walls, it means nothing it barley serves as decoration because its more about what is says, the frame and most importantly the price. All of these pieces of art hidden away just covering up blank spaces because it presents an image of human feeling and success. What i presents to me is a vast flavourless void in which the word art is soiled. The people who bought this ‘art’ probably flicked through a catalogue pointed their finger and quoted numbers to their secretary, Where is the humanity there? And the people who produced it? They most likely did the same thing, flicked through a bunch of pictures from corporate artists pointed at the ‘best ones’ and quoted the numbers to another secretary who sent them off the get mass produced and sold to anyone empty enough to want to purchase them.

The word art seems to mean nothing to most of these people but ironically most of these people are the only ones who can afford real art, it begs the question to stay true and unsuccessful or false and successful? .. .. … . .. … . . . . . …   I’m pretty sure i know the answer.

‘Corporate Arse’   Acrylic and Collage on Crate lid behind Perspex


Corporate Arse Sketch. .. .. .. .. / .

Sat in a tower block surrounded by corporate art waiting to get fired. . .... . .

The finished piece will be uploaded tonight.. . .... . . . . ./ . ..  'Corporate Arse'




EEEE .. … . .. OR .. ./ .

Not entirely what you’ve come to expect from me but it was my step mums birthday.. . .. …… . .. . / .

Happy Birthday M

‘Butterfly’    Acrylic on Grey Card

Shop till your balance drops.. . .. .. . ….. . / .

It’s been a long time coming and its still very much in the early stages but there are some small goodies to get involved with so do take a stroll over to my new shop and have a look around .. . .. . ….. . / .

I Wish I Wish I Could… .. …. . . .


I long for peace and contentment but it always changes. . … . .

‘I Can Fell It’    Acrylic on Card Record Sleeves

Vanity Kills II.. . .. .. .. / .






Subway . .. .. . Sub success. . .. ….. .. /.

Last month one (three) of my paintings made a semi permanent home in The Portland Terrace Underpass in a bid to drum up some hype for my solo exhibition show the following week and to find out just what the general public really make of my art when it’s just presented to them.

I was astounded to find out how many people really don’t care, or so it seemed. Now it could be the simple fact that they are busy and on their way somewhere  or only have half an hour for lunch, or it could just be they don’t like my work. Either way, within the constant flow of people upon approach more of them seemed preoccupied with working out just what the hell i think im doing stood here, what am I selling? What are my motives? Upon realisation that it was just art they became incredibly self aware, awkward and tried their utmost to avoid making eye contact. I could feel their eyeballs clawing in their sockets to sneak in one more look, what is this guy doing.. . . . .? What is he selling. . …. . . . . . ?

Here was what I like to think of as a positive change to the otherwise hideously grey mundane scenery; the wood for my paintings had come from the street and here they were back in it but with more colour. Instead I had become a billboard that no one cares about, I had become a billboard that people were too scared to look at. Why? because i was stood there, a real person. A real person seems to be a threat in society today and is it any surprise people feel that way? Just look around, I shan’t go in to the causes because deep down we all know what they are. The point I guess I’m trying to make is that more people should approach their fears and confront them rather than looking the other way and hoping it’ll disappear. More people should also get out there and do the things they love regardless of what others may think, it will make your life and the lives of those around you a million times better. I was again surprised when organising this that i was the first person in the whole of Southampton to ever attempt showing artwork in a subway for free; it’s no wonder people were cautious of me and my work, things like this obviously dont happen very often…nobody seems to try.

Now rant aside that’s not to say that I got no feedback at all because for every 50-100 people that walked past a couple would approach me and talk through my work and what it was I was doing. From where I was stood it made them smile, maybe even made their day if I were that way inclined. So, as far as I am concerned it was a success and the things I took away from it was that I’ve got to do more, I can do more and I will do more…and to everyone else, whatever it is you do, you can do more, do more of it and make it your everything. . . … . . . … . .  . .. . ..

Destroying The Art of Conversation.. . …. . .. .. .

Though i understand the reasoning behind text speak, it still sickens me especially when most of the motives are such as these. . .. ..

‘Hook Up’   Acrylic on Cardboard

A very big jump. . … . .. .. / .

We all need to make the jump sometimes, its how we progress as humans. . .. .. ..

‘The Jump’      Gloss and Acrylic on Boards Bolted Together   180cm x 150cm

Here’s the pre sketch, inspired by a holiday.. . .. .

I’m So Sorry Miss LI. . .. . ……. . . . / .

A woman named only as ‘Miss Li’ was broadcast all over the world and immortalised forever because of a series of incredible events and people. Dressed in her wedding gown, 22 year-old college student Miss Li, sat crying on the window ledge of her apartment, a building in Changchun city this may. She was threatening to jump out of the seventh-floor window in Northeast China after her fiancé ended their relationship days before their wedding,saying she could not live with the fact that her fiancé had left her and married another woman just days before their wedding. Police called the distressed bride-to-be’s mother and other relatives after she dropped her bag containing her mobile phone from the building. While the streets were flooding with people and all cameras were pointed at her on the worst moment of her life, she made the decision to end it there and leaped from the ledge.. . .

 But, She was grabbed by community officer Guo Zhongfan who was trying to coax her down from inside the apartment, He held her by her neck and arms as she dangled above the street as the terrified onlookers could do little else but hold their breath. Amazingly Miss Li was pulled to safty with the aid of another man in the apartment below.

 This truly incredible story, the images and emotions that go with it will stay with me forever…. Such delicate feelings trampled, such heroic bravery displayed and such incredible selfishness and lack of foresight . . . .an utterly utterly desperate state of affairs… . … . .  . /.

‘Study Of Miss Li’   Acrylic and Labels on Card

Policemen and relatives were unable to contact Li’s former fiancé by phone.. .. . .. . . /

Postcards. . . . …. . .

From my recent exhibition ‘Gutters To Galleries‘.. .. .. Here’s a few of the post cards that featured.. . .. . .. .. some are still available .. .

1 – Bloody Circus

2 – Death Note

3 – Deep Water

4 – Heartless

5 – Over Andover

6 – Pigeons

7 -Ruffling Feathers

Live Artwork. . …. . .. . . . /.

A big thanks to ‘Wizard Sleeve’ for putting on a sick multimedia party in Guildford last night, I tend not to go out to parties because id rather get something else done and not have to deal with people. But last night was a rare exception, and when i arrived i noticed two huge boards suspiciously placed just asking to be painted on, I asked about and despite no one having a clue who i was or if i was even any good they donated one of the boards to me and luckily i had paint in my bag but only one paint brush. Without an idea and having never painted live for people before i went ahead using my hands, my single brush and one pot of black enamel, Here’s what came out .. .. … .. . . ..  Also another thanks to ‘NUKOF’ For lending me some blue spray.. .. .. . . / .

‘It’s Over, Yet.. . ./.’   Enamel and Spray Paint on Plaster Board

Jakob Belbin                And           NUKOF