Pigeon Lust. . … . … / . / .

Last week was the opening night of my new solo exhibition ‘Broken People Together’ at Jewry Street Gallery, Winchester. It continues until the 16th of April, so do go and see it.. . .. . On opening night there was a painting that if i had of had 6 of they would have all sold, funnily enough it was the one i was least concerned about showing, it was ‘Trembling On High Wires’.

Such was peoples pigeon lust that the past couple of days i have been spurred to paint more and more pigeons.. .. . Supply and demand, selling out or just giving people what they want. .. . call it what you will as long as i’m still painting everything else seems trivial .. … .. …. . . /. / .

‘Nervous’ Acrylic on Card 21.5 x 29.5 cm           ‘Talk To Me’ Acrylic on Card 40.5 x 19.5 cm          ‘Pigeon I’ Acrylic on Board 40.5 x 40.5 cm

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