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Because The World Is Cruel Sometimes.. .. . .//.

So yesterday filming went extremely well…/ .Got all the shots necessary and even had time for a little urban exploring.. / Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the photos of new paintings promised, I’d say that 50% of them are usable so whilst I’m working my way through the pile i am going to be very cruel and post these three paintings which are all revisits to old paintings..//. I never really liked the paintings in the first place so i chopped them up re painted them and put them back together again…… . . . . ./. I have posted pictures of these three pieces over the past month or so but these photos are much better quality../.

But don’t worry your selves i will also do another post this evening of a completely new piece… . One i am very proud of… . /. /.

Get Ready… //./.

Regular followers will have noticed a distinct lack in posts of new paintings and a constant promise of new photos../.  Well this weekend i will be filming for a short promo film to be released along side this years 13 Women exhibition opening in March 2013.

This means that i will also have access to a beautiful HD camera all weekend so you can all expect a backlog of paintings from around October 2012 up til the present../. Watch this space…./.. //./.