The Love Birds.. ./. Have Been Split.. ./ /.

You’ve found me../. And I’m yours to keep../ …For free  ./ .

I’m sure that most of us when walking the streets pay very little attention to our immediate surroundings and the creatures we share it with. Most of it gets swept past our eyes and shoved off the pavement as we rush to be somewhere we most likely don’t want to be. These birds, in a way are much like you. They are somewhere they don’t want to be and they want to go home to the one they love. So if you’re the lucky one happen across one of these stray birds take them in and they will love you always,.. . /. /././ .

Go one step further, for each bird left on the street there is an equal and opposite waiting. Bring them to the show where their loved one awaits.. ./.

//  . // .. . ./. FRAGMENTS.\\..\\.\…\

Opens Thursday 14th November 2013 7pm – 9pm
Art Café, Jewry Street, Winchester

SO23 8SA


Geisha.. / ///.

For the run up of ‘Just Because Things Break, Doesn’t Mean They’re Broken’ as well as the free art drops, yesterday Myself, Karol Michalec and my beautiful girlfriend went flyer’ing around Brighton../ with a slightly more dramatic twist en-keeping with the exhibitions theme, we all dressed as post nuclear war geisha. .. //.  This exhibition has literally grown and grown from its first conception encompassing fine art, sculpture, performance and interactive free art drops and is set to be a fantastic show… /. So get excited and come along on the 16th of April to ‘Just Because Things Break, Doesn’t Mean They’re Broken’

Thank you to everyone involved for helping me make this happen.. .. ./. Warmth.. . ./.

Join the event here. .. . ./.

Give Us Some New Shit.. .. . .. /./.

There has been and will continue to be a lack of posts in these coming weeks, I am in the process of moving house and relocating. So, many apologies for the blank space….. . that’s not to say i’m not still working on lots of exciting things, I just don’t have any way to photograph them at this point… . /./.

Rest assured when i do there will be a bombardment of new posts, paintings and sketches.. . . /.

Gotta Go. . . … /.. / Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want.. . …/./ .

This is slightly off topic but Bjork has played a huge part in the making of my work and is without doubt one of the most important artists of our lifetime… . .. ..

I’ve entered this competition .. . you have to create a Bjork album cover using no digital aspects, which is right up my street.. . .. … . do please, please vote for it.. . . . so i can see Bjork in Denmrk.. .. Much Love.. ./// . /. Jakob. . /. /.

Created by manipulating and painting the doll, in front of a hand painted background. And then setting a fire underneath the lens to create the smoke.. . . /. /.

3am Photo Shoot With Josh Stanton. . … / . / .

A close old friend of mine is a photographer. . . we’ve been working on odd projects together for a while now. .. The other night he was round at my studio and it resulted in this reel shoot at 3am in my studio .. . …. . . /.

‘Jakob Belbin’   By Josh Stanton

Self Portraits. .. …. . .. /.

Every now and then i get the urge to step away from drawing and painting and revel in the instantaneousness of digital photography. One of my paintings can take anything from 3hours to a week, So when i am freed up to work spontaneously on camera a very different style always emerges with every shoot, And it is far more noticeable because of the time left between each shoot. I normally stay on the other side of the lens when I’m working in photography and use my brother for subject matter, But this shoot happened and started so fast and completely by accident, there was no one else around so it had to be me. So here is a series of self portraits.. .. .. .



There Is A New Project On The Horizon. .. .. .. . . ….. . . .

Combining the art of Jakob Belbin with the photography of Josh Stanton.. .. ..


Skulls With Holes . .. …. … . . .. . In Progress. .

Red Window…….

Snow makes life black and white…………

When it snows the towns and towns people look cold, clean and clinical for a day…..but soon the filth claws its way back into our lives.