Little One.. . ./.

She is here .. . ./.  Little One is finally finished.. . .and all i want to do is that all over again.. . …/ A massive thanks to Leopold West, Joe Gilder,Mike Bartlett, Ben Belbin and Julia Goodchild for making this possible.. . ./.


Enjoy… /./ ..

Find out a bit more about the film here….


And find out a bit about the music here.. ./.


Sorry I’m not around.. . . /.

To all my subscribers out there i am sorry for the distinct lack of posts of late but i am without a camera and will be for another week or so.. . . . /./. But don’t get down there is still a lot going on and come camera time there will be an influx of posts .. . /. I hope you can hold on. . /. / .///.

Head First Into The Abyss.. . .. . .. ./. / .


‘Sinaz’  37 cm x 38 cm

Last Weeks Free Art Birds.. . . . ./. /. /…

‘News Of The World’.. . . . /./. /.

Do you ever walk by the news stand and wonder ‘How the fuck can they get away with this?’ Are you ever in a queue minding your own business and forced to conceive something utterly discussing?  Do you ever think  ‘Can this Actually be real?’ Do you wonder like me what it would be like without them?

We all know the deal with these ‘Newspapers’ they’re jam packed full of half truths, bare faced lies and propaganda in order to make you think and fell a certain way. So why do they still thrive? Why are trees getting cut down and pockets lined? We have the internet which throws the doors wide open to free press, objective opinions and the ability to cross reference, it seems totally redundant that these scum sheets are still being pushed in to our lives.

See them for what they really are, Each day i will release another hate filled fear mongering rag riddled with hypocrisy and contradiction.. . ./. Enjoy/ The News Of The World… . . /./.

‘The Sin’   37 x 38 cm

Free Birds/ .. . . ./.

Free Art Friday in Brighton and Hove.. . ../.. .. ././.

Featurette .. . …/. ..//../ .


Give this site a look .. . its got lots of goodies on.. . . as well as a bit of my work.. . … . … //. .. /.

Set These Birds Free… .. .././. .

Getting prepared to release these birds unto the streets of Brighton.. . ….  /./ /. Free Art Friday.. . ./.

Remembering Faces.. . . // .


Offering Portraits for those interested in being De-faced. . .. . .. /. / .

I will be offering to do your portrait on slate.. .. . Just send me some pictures.. . . /. / .

The portraits are going to be 22 x 50 cm on slate tiles and £30 each £40 including P+P .. . . if you want to send me some potential photos and i will ruin your face. . .. / ./ .

Bigger slates are available on request . . . ././.

Everything Changes. . . ../. /.

I have a new solo show opening this weekend at the Lewis Elton Gallery, Guildford.. . . . .. There will be live art, new illustrations, new original paintings, and an original score composed especially for the show by Joe Guilder at Boneyard Audio… /. /./. I do hope to see you there. . . /./.

‘In this space, watch the works evolve and mutate in an explosive way, leaking on to the walls and extending its reach into new grounds as Jakob performs his own brand of live art works to soundscapes and music composed specially for the exhibition by Joe Gilder. Using found canvases of wood, and other abandoned materials, Jakob creates an organic outlook on modern society in this personal and though provoking exhibition.

Watch the gallery space transform into a canvas as Jakob performs live art on its walls throughout the day.’