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Primeval Sketch.. /. /.


A recent commission for a good bunch of guys, The guys in question are a local Punk band called Primeval Soup, who as well as preaching against wrong doings in the world and standing up for what they believe in they actually fight it.. ./. Raising money for charity, hunt sabotaging and boycotting . ../. This art work is designed to couple with a track focusing on animal rights, and whilst i am a vegetarian myself i’ve never had the guts to take it as far as these guys.. ./ . More to come. /.


Drowning.. . . /./. /

Apologies my internet failed yesterday before i could post the 3rd installment of News Of The World.. . . . ./. so here’s two.. . / /.

‘The Liquid League’  Day 3      ‘Shortlisted’  Day 4