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Primeval Sketch.. /. /.


A recent commission for a good bunch of guys, The guys in question are a local Punk band called Primeval Soup, who as well as preaching against wrong doings in the world and standing up for what they believe in they actually fight it.. ./. Raising money for charity, hunt sabotaging and boycotting . ../. This art work is designed to couple with a track focusing on animal rights, and whilst i am a vegetarian myself i’ve never had the guts to take it as far as these guys.. ./ . More to come. /.


Calm Down Spielberg.. …. . /. .//. / .

Recent posts might suggest that im running out of ideas… ../. / I have been attacking old paintings and improving them, now normally i would stand by the premise of ‘once a piece of art is finished it should never be revisited’ but there has been quite few paintings now that have been keeping me up at night. I knew when i ‘finished’ them i was not happy with them the truth is i was either bored of looking at them or utterly clueless as to what to do with them. This week that has changed, I have had breakthrough’s on paintings i never wanted to see the light of day and i put it down to my work schedule. I normally have a million different ideas, series’, paintings, drawings and plans all going on at the same time and normally i end up evolving before i’ve really finished exploring these ideas. This week i wrote a list of all the things i have going on and unfinished  and am not allowed to start anything new until this list is complete. So even though the ideas are piling up still, Its better than half finished projects piling up! Thats not to say that this blog will be short of new things to show you.. . …. . …/./. Here is the latest re hash of an old painting i did… …. . .its now good enough to be used as origanlly intended, Art work for the band Caolin Clay.. . ….. .. ./. ////. .

‘Caolin Clay’    Acrylic on Plywood  81cm x 63cm

Close up.,. . … /. /.. /.

Check Them Out Here.. . … /. / .

Primeval Soups New Album Cover.. . .. . ..

I’m just about finished on a commission for ‘Primeval Soups’ new album cover, An anarcho punk band based in Brighton who are also good friends of mine .. . . Just waiting on the font and the title. .. . .

The whole finished product will come in the next coming days, meanwhile give these guys a look

Forming A Band.. . .. .. . . . . ….. .. . ..

Not the greatest picture in the world but heres the progress on Jubilee Jazz.. . . .

Jubilee Original

Jubilee Jazz (Progress)

Jazz Hands.. . . . . ….. . .. … … . . . . .. .. .

My Grandparents had this charcoal drawing up for years, I never really got it as a kid.

It has since changed hands and ended up in my living room and is due to change hands again. Truth be told i don’t want to see it go but its out of my hands, Which leaves me with a very large void so i decided to do a scale painting of the exact piece, Here’s how its going.. . .. . . .. ..  .

Original piece Charcoal on paper 1988

First sketch ‘Jubilee Jazz’

‘Jubilee Jazz’ (unfinished)

Caolin Clay………..

You may or may not have seen the previews for Caolin Clays new art work……………………….well heres the finished product… .. . .

“Caolin Clay” Acrylic on board 81 x 62cm ……………..A multi-purpose piece.


Caolin Clay ………… Sneak,……Preview…

I have recently been working on some artwork for an awesome local band called “Caolin Clay” and here is a sneak preview of some sketches and close ups…………

Full piece coming soon in the meantime check these guys out at…………………….,