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Jewry Street Birds.. .. . .///. ../ .

As it was announced yesterday i have a new exhibition opening 14th of November../ The exhibition is called ‘Fragments’ and as part of the show i will be dropping pigeons all around Winchester for free!!!./ .. ./ Here is the first wave of pigeons./


Bird Brains.. ./ ./ .

It seems that recently my main out put has been pigeons…/ it certainly feels like that, But behind the scenes i have been working on so many pieces which are intended for next years exhibitions i just can’t show you them yet.. /. So here are all of the Christmas Pigeons that i have been working on this month. / ./

I am still offering xmas prices until the new year.. .. /.

Three Little Birds. ./ .

(2012-12-04) Olli  full

Three More Pigeons Have Left The Nest Tonight.. . . // ./  Independent Xmas Gifts.. / ./. Pigeons of your own design £15 incl p+p

Pigeons.. /. In Headdresses . . /. /. //.

(2012-10-24) Untitled

After dropping my free art pigeons this year for Gay Pride i received a message expressing the heart break of not being able to collect one.. so this little guy was commissioned for the very reasonable price of £15 .././

All December for a low budget and independent xmas gift i will be offering pigeons of your design at the same price Inc post. All pigeons will be painted on recycled and reclaimed materials and and the set size of 20 cm x 20 cm.. . /./




Here They Are.. . . ././.

Free Art Pigeons.. . . /./. October 2012

Pigeon Process.. . . ./. ..//.

Today i have been very busy indeed.. ./. ./ Aside from all the other little projects i have going on all over the place, today i decided to document the process of creating a whole batch of Free Art Birds.. . ./.

Phase one.. . / This beautiful piece of hardboard i lifted from a skip last night.. . /. So first i had to see just how many pigeons i could get out of it.. .. 9 is the answer.

Next Chop them up with one of my favorite tools

a circular disk cutter.. . // mm mmm m

And then give them all a quick coat of black.. . Again my

favorite of all colors, And i know the knee jerk response

to that “But its not a color, its a shade!” that may be

in the natural world but when it comes to paint every

single shade / color needs pigment to give it said color,

in my case the color of that pigment is indeed black,

and as i stroke the black paint side to side i am coloring.. . . . /./. Its a color.. . ./.

Phase four, time to get dirty and finger paint .. .. . /.

Finally after the paint is sufficiently dry add the final touches in the form of eyes,beaks and sign off . . ./.

Tomorrow i will post close ups of each one of these little fellows before they go on their individual journeys.. . .. /. Some are going to Portsmouth tomorrow to find new homes, Some are going.. .well im not sure where yet it all depends on who wins the competition tomorrow on Facebook,.I will be running another give away to all those who share and like the links, names drawn from a hat at the end of the week.. . find out more here

And the rest are on a very long journey indeed, they are off to Tel-Aviv to take part in a free art give away in December  and you can find out more about that here.. /.

Free Art Birds// . .. . / ./. // .

Free Art Friday
I’m sure that most of us when walking the streets pay very little attention to our immediate surroundings and the creatures that we share it with. Most of it gets swept past our eyes and shoved off the pavement as we rush to be somewhere we most likely don’t want to be. These free art birds, in a way are much like you. They are somewhere they don’t want to be too, they also want to go home. So if you happen across one of these stray birds, take them in and they will love you always.. .. ../ .. /.//./ .   Find out more on

These little guys went out last week. . . . /./.



The Rest Of Those Birds In Black Frames. .. . /.

A few posts ago regulars would recall the ‘Birds In Black Frames’ post.. . .at the time i could only post a few of them as i was still without a camera and i still am.. . . ././. luckily i have very helpful friends. .. /. .heres the rest of those lovely birds you so often walk by.. . . ..  /./. /

‘Christ’                             ‘Just Another’                    ‘Nesting Mother’

All acrylic on hardboard in recycled canvas frames

All of the ‘Birds In Black Frames’ are available via The Jewry Street Gallery , Winchester… ./ . /

Before They Fly Away.. . . .. . /. /.

‘Cold’ ‘Attention’ ‘Three Little Birds’ and ‘Embrace’ are now all available at the Jewry Street Gallery, Winchester.. . …. . /./. hurry these birds fly fast.. ……. /. /. /.

‘Attention’   ‘Cold’    ‘Embrace’     ‘Three Little Birds’

Birds Of A Feather .. . . /./.

Set to be released tomorrow.. . . /.

Free .. . . ..As.. . .A . . …/. Bird. . .././.

 A few snaps from this free art friday (thursday).. . . .. /././ .

Set These Birds Free… .. .././. .

Getting prepared to release these birds unto the streets of Brighton.. . ….  /./ /. Free Art Friday.. . ./.

More Pigeons. .. … . .. / / .

‘Pigeon II (s)’           ‘Take Care’

Both these pieces and the three previous Pigeon paintings are all available for sale at the Jewry Street Gallery, Winchester

Pigeon Lust. . … . … / . / .

Last week was the opening night of my new solo exhibition ‘Broken People Together’ at Jewry Street Gallery, Winchester. It continues until the 16th of April, so do go and see it.. . .. . On opening night there was a painting that if i had of had 6 of they would have all sold, funnily enough it was the one i was least concerned about showing, it was ‘Trembling On High Wires’.

Such was peoples pigeon lust that the past couple of days i have been spurred to paint more and more pigeons.. .. . Supply and demand, selling out or just giving people what they want. .. . call it what you will as long as i’m still painting everything else seems trivial .. … .. …. . . /. / .

‘Nervous’ Acrylic on Card 21.5 x 29.5 cm           ‘Talk To Me’ Acrylic on Card 40.5 x 19.5 cm          ‘Pigeon I’ Acrylic on Board 40.5 x 40.5 cm

On A Lighter Note . . . ….. . . . . . … .. .. . ..

‘Come Out Come Out Wherever You Are’                             ‘ Electric, Path Ahead Etcetera’

Acrylic on card                                    Acrylic on card