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Going Multinational.. / /. /.

After taking down the show FRAGMENTS./. /. .. I later found out the one of my simplest but most effective pieces hadn’t just been sold on the spot but had been taken all the way to New York City. / /./.  This made me very happy and my little fragments are slowly but surely making their way around the globe././ .Sweden, Italy, Israel and now America.. /. /. Come on Asia/./. so i can move there . /./.
(2012-11-10) Life Is Pain

‘Life Is Pain’  Only if you don’t learn from its trials../ . /. Acrylic on Reclaimed Dartboard Cupboard ./. SOLD


Rock-a-Bye Baby. . ./ . /


I feel a new series coming on .. . / //.. .. /.

(2013-04-29) Baby In A Bag

‘Baby In A Bag’ Acrylic and Posca on Reclaimed Plywood sealed in Plastic bag

Birth.. ./. Life… . ././// Death./

He’s something to balance out the niceties of the last post… /. This piece has been painted on an old dart board box, the box itself is as you would expect covered in misfired shots  and dart holes. I found it on one my travels the other week and it seemed like the perfect surface for this idea i had sitting in my sketch book for far too long…/..

‘Life Is Pain’   50 cm x 50 cm  Acrylic on Dartboard Box

Head First Into The Abyss.. . .. . .. ./. / .


‘Sinaz’  37 cm x 38 cm

Sorry Ma’am There Were Some Complications.. .. .. . .. . /.

Originally intended to be posted on the 30th of december. .. . . there were like i say complications.

But here is a brand new bouncing painting the first of 2012. .. .. …… .. . .

‘Knocked Up’   Acrylic and Postage Labels on Reclaimed Plywood

Knocked up.. …

Pre sketch for ‘Knocked Up’

Giving birth tomorrow.. . .. ….