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Things Are Starting To Get A Bit More Soppy . .. //. /. Still Dark Though, Right?. / / / .. / .

This weekend it was Upfest 2013, last year i traveled alone and met a great bunch of people and I had an amazing time. This year was different, I had a partner in crime and this years festival was all the better for it, we met more fantastic people, created and absorbed some amazing art and drank a lot of drink. /. / . ///. She also contributed on both pieces by writing all the Japanese for me. /.  Theres so many pictures so first im just going to show you the piece i did for the festival../.

This piece was created in 3hours using Spray Paint, Acrylic and Poscas.. / /. 6ft x 8ft Plywood
“Suicide Bombers: The Lovers”


‘Dead Air Space’.. . …. . /./.

Its been a long time coming but I’ve finally had the drive to finish this RAF themed explosion.. .. Due to be exhibited at The Tobacco Factory, Bristol… . //.

A proper scan will follow.. . . and prints will be available .. Limited to 100.. .. . /./. //

‘Dead Air Space’  A3 Explosion Drawing      Black Ink on Distressed Card

More Pain More Blood More Suffering.. .. …… . .. . . .. .. ..

We’re saturated in it, everywhere you look everything you hear. .. .. . . … . .. but some people still walk away to see another day. . .. . .

‘Bomb Blast’ Acrylic on boards

Bombs Bombs Bombs…….. Thanks For All The Bombs

An old painting has been re-born and reframed… . . ..

‘Thanks For All The Bombs” Acrylic on Board triptych