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Tattoo Design Sheets. . . //. . ./

Here are some of my most recent work sheets for tattoo design. . . ./././. As you can see it is heavily slanted towards Japanese themes of design.

I do take commissions and can be contacted via email or facebook../.


There’s A Killer Beauty Hiddden Inside. /. ///. /. . ./ .

I found this old cupboard on the street last autumn . . /. /. I did do a few posts about it when i was working on it, but some how it fell by the wayside, i completed it a good while ago now and have never posted the results. /. So here it is. . . ..//.

‘Killer Beauty’  Acrylic and Gloss on Reclaimed Cupboard

Stomach. .. . .. . /./

Part of the recently closed exhibition at ‘the lewis elton gallery’ .. . .. . my stomach churns.. . . . /.

As with all of my work it is all reclaimed and recycled materials.. . ./. the frames for this series are made from old chair slats and the wood.. . well a few old painting had to be culled .. . … . /./.


Wit/Houtu/Syouw/Oulds/Ure/Lydie… .. … . .. .. /.

Take us out of the equation, everything in the world would still carry on.. . take Mammals out of the equation, same thing, Everything would still get on quite nicely.. .. Take birds out, Things are still fine.. .. Take Reptiles, Once again the world would still be able to function.. .. . Take away Insects .. .. .. . . Everything collapses, the worlds plant life stops being able to procreate, the nutrients in the ground get used up, the world becomes a desert as the plant life dwindles, Soon without any more plant life the atmosphere simply gets blown away by solar winds. Without atmosphere not even microbial life has a chance. Without these incredible ‘pests’ Earth becomes Mars.. …. . … /.

Look where your walking.. .

Without Us You Would Surely Die… .. .

‘Wit/Houtu/Syouw/Oulds/Ure/Lydie’   Acrylic on Plywood 30 x 30 cm (each)