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The Rest Of Those Birds In Black Frames. .. . /.

A few posts ago regulars would recall the ‘Birds In Black Frames’ post.. . .at the time i could only post a few of them as i was still without a camera and i still am.. . . ././. luckily i have very helpful friends. .. /. .heres the rest of those lovely birds you so often walk by.. . . ..  /./. /

‘Christ’                             ‘Just Another’                    ‘Nesting Mother’

All acrylic on hardboard in recycled canvas frames

All of the ‘Birds In Black Frames’ are available via The Jewry Street Gallery , Winchester… ./ . /


Jesus Couldn’t Save Himself. .. … .. . .. /.

Far out in a disused remote rail workers cabin hangs a martyr for no one, you wouldn’t even know he’s there. With the heavens pouring through the celling and the hell fire burning his feet he will go unnoticed .. . ….. .. . . .. /.