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Got That Sinking Feeling.. . …. . . .. / . /.

This week i have been exceptionally busy working on explosion drawings but I’ve also managed to squeeze this piece in and will be getting ready to submit it to ‘Retracing the Unsinkable’ Southampton City Art Gallery’s Open Exhibition 2012 Remembering the Titanic .. . …. .. .. . .. ./ . . /.

‎’Please Don’t Leave’ 100 x 100 cm Acrylic and Fragile Tape on Plywood

Wish me luck.. . …. . . . / . /.



In The Wake Of The Recent Devastation.. . .. . . . …. .. .

The level of devastation we have all only witnessed via bloodthirsty news networks and hungry tabloids has almost been too much to comprehend. Blow after blow after shocking blow the situation kept on escalating and growing worse, this is without doubt one of the worse disasters of the 21st century and you would be inhuman not to be affected by it. It is because of these reasons i hope to auction this painting of to the highest bidder and donate all proceeds to funding aid in Japan.


“Hold On” Acrylic on Board