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Dragon vs Samurai.. / ./. . ./ . // .

Dragon Samurai


‘Dragon vs Samurai’
Black Ink on Paper


Rock N’ Bowl.. . . . ./. /. …. ////.

As promised photos of the wall space painted at the ever so wonderful Rock &bowl Hostel … / .. / thank you so much for the space  . . …. ///.

Acrylic and Spray     approx. 7ft x 11ft

Ready Made Romance… .. . .. . . . .. .

Oh it’s valentines day, must get her some flowers, chocolates and a card.

Oh its easter, i should get her some egg shaped chocolates and a card.

Oh it’s her birthday i better get some more flowers and chocolate to let her know i care.

Oh it’s christmas, I know a box of chocolates, That’ll do.

Oh wow! How thoughtful, He’s so sweet, He really cares.

Or is it just another thoughtless result of a consumerist society?

Rushing at the last minute to fob you off with another ready made gesture…..


She likes chocolates right? and flowers? Thats what all girls really want, but this one is special.

Do you even like flowers or chocolate? Is that all you want?

I wonder how much that sweet other half really knows you, I wonder if they know you don’t even like flowers or chocolate.

I wonder if they realise with all these stale passing gestures your just getting fatter and older, and the flowers…..

Well they’re already dead.