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Adventure Time!/. . /.

I did this explosion drawing a fair while ago now.. /. / But it has only just been homed././ It was for a good friend whose life quite frankly is crazy! this drawing takes in all the good things in his life spanning from mundane to the absolutely insane.. /.

‘Adventure Time’   Black and yellow ink on distressed paper A3

So loved was it../. he turned it into a phone case.. /.~


FaII (Men Catching Leaves)……..

It is finally finished, “FaII (Men Catching Leaves)” stands 122cm x 201cm (W xH) and is the biggest painting I have endured but certainly won’t be the biggest or last………

Acrylic and Enamel on Board.

A new England will dawn………….. A new grey England

Forests = Air

Air = Life

Life = Love


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