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Self Portraits. .. …. . .. /.

Every now and then i get the urge to step away from drawing and painting and revel in the instantaneousness of digital photography. One of my paintings can take anything from 3hours to a week, So when i am freed up to work spontaneously on camera a very different style always emerges with every shoot, And it is far more noticeable because of the time left between each shoot. I normally stay on the other side of the lens when I’m working in photography and use my brother for subject matter, But this shoot happened and started so fast and completely by accident, there was no one else around so it had to be me. So here is a series of self portraits.. .. .. .




Bacon. . . .. ….. . . . .

A portrait of one of the greatest painters of all time and biggest influences on my work ‘Francis Bacon’

“Bacon’s Face”     Acrylic on card