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Christmas Pigeons. … / ./.

It’s that time of year again./. Christmas is creeping up fast and there’s lots of loved ones who need lots of loving gifts./ ../ So in the spirit of things i am offering Pigeons Of Your Own Design once more for Christmas././.. You can have anything, Santa hats, snowmen, Christmas jumpers, crowns, mistletoe, pigeon in a snow globe, Scrooge. Jesus..//. The Christmas list is endless and you don’t necessarily have to keep it Christmas themed/./ .  there’s plenty of other themes and ideas to be had/.

The pigeons on offer will be painted completely to your design including colors and themes. this year I’m offering a range of sizes and discounts for multiples ./.

10 x 10cm –  X1 = £11 incl post
10 x 10cm –  X2 = £18 incl post
10 x 10cm –  X3 = £24 incl post

20 x 20 cm – X1 = £21 incl post
20 x 20 cm – X2 = £28 incl post
20 x 20 cm – X3 = £33 incl post

You can order pigeons directly from my online store Or alternatively contact me personally at
Below are some examples to wet your imagination./. /.


Busted. . .. . / . / .

This Easter Sunday there’s going to be a free exhibition in Portsmouth not only is the exhibition free but everything.. ..  Everything on display will be free to take away with you. I am really pleased to be a part of this, So many people want original artwork on their walls but most feel it is too expensive to buy or like so many pieces it is just viciously overpriced. There will be 100s of pieces on display from 100s of fantastic artists. So if you’ve always wanted to collect some original art this is the time and place to do it, you may just find your favourite artist of all time. .. …. / . /.

Details here . …. . / .

Here is what i will be contributing, three impressions of Jim Morrison’s mug shots .. .. . /

‘Morrison 1963’    ‘Morrison 1967’   ‘Morrison 1970’