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All Those Prints Scattered. ./. /. /.

For the show fragments i put together a series of prints././  The ideas follow on from my “Virus” series where i became obsessed by pixelated images. I followed on with the same concept of fusing pixels with organic objects, this time using animals as my ‘host’. These images  were created using computer manipulated ink drawings./ ./.


Kokeshi City. . ././/. .

And heres another. ./ ‘Kokeshi City’ Both pieces are being displayed at the Painting Pottery Cafe Gallery, Brighton until the 4th of April 2014. Both pieces are currently for sale. Message for further details./ ./

Apologies for the abysmal photos . /.

Acrylic and posca on reclaimed canvas print.. / .

Just Beacause Biscuits Break, Doesn’t Mean They Don’t Taste Like Success.. .. /.

What can i really say…/. Apart from thank you to EVERYONE…././. Everyone who came last night, everyone involved in the show and everyone around those involved.././ This show was both mine and Karol Michalecs first show in Brighton and because of you all it was a raging success…. /. The building was full all evening and a buzzing hub of activity …/. Never before has someone elses work complemented mine so well./. Its been incredible to work with such like minded people. This show encompassed all of my favorite elements of fine art… Painting, Graphics, Sculpture, Drawing, Collage, Performance and Free Art.

This show wouldn’t have been possible without Karol Michalec, Hazel Stephenson, Gill at The Painting Pottery Cafe, Alexander Glass, Harry (i dont know your full name light man), Lee Belbin and of course the love of my life Frin.. .  . /.///.

This is the start of a beautiful friendship and you can all expect to see the Belbin and Michalec name joined in the future… . ./.

You can view some of the pictures here…/. but there are more on the way.///.

Again Thank you to all.. ./. Warmth. x

‘Our Time On Ice’

Opening tonight…/. This really is an amazing little gem in Brightons crown ../. so regardless of whether you like my work you should get down there for tonights opening ‘Our Time On Ice’.. . …/./Onca Gallery, London Road.

BEMosjJCUAA3Icl.jpg large

All Feelings Hidden//. .. .. ./..

Public transport is a big influence on my work.. /its where i begrudgingly spend a lot of my time and its definitely one of the strangest environments i have to endure…./. Only humans could invent an environment where you are completely surrounded by your own kind, but you sit in complete silence. Then once you are off and back on to the streets you call yourselves social creatures. /./../ I am not a social creature../. And to be honest i quite like the uptight silence.. /.

(2012-12-10) An Invisible Barrier Of Perspex

‘Hidden Behind An Invisible Barrier Of Perspex’   Acrylic and Collage on Layered Plywood    92 cm x 66 cm


Miles and Miles… /.

Another painting i revised .. . i just wish i could get a picture of it in fully detail.. /.

‘Miles And Miles Of Filth’

Free Art Birds// . .. . / ./. // .

Free Art Friday
I’m sure that most of us when walking the streets pay very little attention to our immediate surroundings and the creatures that we share it with. Most of it gets swept past our eyes and shoved off the pavement as we rush to be somewhere we most likely don’t want to be. These free art birds, in a way are much like you. They are somewhere they don’t want to be too, they also want to go home. So if you happen across one of these stray birds, take them in and they will love you always.. .. ../ .. /.//./ .   Find out more on

These little guys went out last week. . . . /./.



Recy-king!. . …. /./ /..

While wood hunting in a skip the other day, i found that an old chair had been thrown out so i broke it up and took the slats from it to build frames with.. . . i normally build all my frames by hand from found materials but never bother documenting it… . .so for those of you interested here it is so far. . .//./ .

Dead Air Space.. ./. /.///.

‘Dead Air Space’.. . …. . /./…//. . . As with all ‘Explosions’ this will be available in a limited edition print A3 limited to 100 £40.. . .//./.

See more editions available here.. . .

Up And Down.. . Again.. . . // . / .

A few months ago i did an elevator painting on a huge crate lid….. . but i new as soon as i started and finished it i didnt like it.. . .i don’t know why.. …. /. . it was just shit.

But two nights ago at about 4 in the morning i had a eureka moment and got to work.. … here is the NEW ‘Up And Down’.. . … //. ..

‘Up And Down’    Acrylic and Gloss on Crate Lid    140cm x 130cm

Close ups.. . …. . ./. /.

RAF Explosion. . …. /. /.

Here are some close ups of the newest ‘Explosion Drawing’ so far.. . …. /. /// .

It’s About Time.. .. … /. /.

I have been so busy recently concentrating on work that i actually might be able to sell that it has been quite a considerable amount of time since i last took on another ridiculous self indulgent project. Well today i set about rectifying that by starting what is (since the last time) set to be my most ambitious painting to date. I don’t want to give too much away at this point, So have a look at the photos and see if you can speculate as to what it might be.. . ….. /. /. over two metres long and over a metre tall… .. .. there’s not a smooth surface to be seen anywhere.. . …. / / .  ….//. .

Another Sinking Ship. . …. . / . / .

Apologies for the terrible photos, but its there and i’m very pleased.. . … / . / .

‘Please Don’t Leave’ Acrylic on Plywood   100cm x 100cm

 Retracing the Unsinkable: The Titanic Centenary
Open Exhibition in Southampton City Art Gallery
17 March – 29 April

This is my kingdom.. ….. . . … . . .

 I salvaged this oily crate a few days ago and carried it from the other side of Northam to Romsey, and this is why.. . .. ….

‘Hollow Crown’    Acrylic on Crate

Lets Make a Deal.. . . .. … … . . . . . ..

‘Lets Make a Deal’     Acrylic and Bible on boards

One that Fell Behind.. . . .. .. .

This is a painting on scraps of wood i found and then stuck together to create my ‘canvas’  It was finished about the time i  had no laptop so i simply forgot to upload it …. . ..  .  here you go, its fairly self explanatory.


‘Hungry Hungry Humans’

This Certainly Wasn’t Our Decision….. … . . … . . .

“Put Them in There Place” Acrylic On Card 34cm x 24cm


ForCed iN LIke pArt oF tHE sCenERy, HuDDled And DIshEveLed.

THEy BecOMe As filThy aS tHe GARgoYles ThEy’vE rePlACed, ExcEpT…….

INsteAd oF prOVOkiNg fEar, THey PrvOkE DIsgUst

aND WhY?                                    We pUt tHEm thERe … . .

Here Come The Bin Men Again….I Wonder Where It All Goes?

Landfill………. …. …. .. . .. … One of the most disgusting results of the human race, and its only getting deeper with the population steadily climbing to Nine Billion………….

“Miles And Miles Of Filth” Acrylic and Enamel on board.

A new England will dawn………….. A new grey England

Forests = Air

Air = Life

Life = Love


Please do have a read and sign if you  agree.



My drawing of all things old, industrial and victorian is now complete. Framed and mounted with a maroon border and dedicated to my mother……Jenny.

This piece is available on limited print, limited to 20. Unfortionately my shop is not online at the moment so please contact me for details.

Whats new?

Heres a few photos of what im currently working on, Its a drawing of all things old, industrial and victorian with a certain person in mind….

Method of approach……  I wanted the card to look and feel really old and dirty so i made up a mix of soot and water and painted the A3 card then roasted it, after which i scrapped any remnants off and started work with a piolot V5 hi-tecpoint.