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Adventure Time!/. . /.

I did this explosion drawing a fair while ago now.. /. / But it has only just been homed././ It was for a good friend whose life quite frankly is crazy! this drawing takes in all the good things in his life spanning from mundane to the absolutely insane.. /.

‘Adventure Time’   Black and yellow ink on distressed paper A3

So loved was it../. he turned it into a phone case.. /.~


Wit/Houtu/Syouw/Oulds/Ure/Lydie… .. … . .. .. /.

Take us out of the equation, everything in the world would still carry on.. . take Mammals out of the equation, same thing, Everything would still get on quite nicely.. .. Take birds out, Things are still fine.. .. Take Reptiles, Once again the world would still be able to function.. .. . Take away Insects .. .. .. . . Everything collapses, the worlds plant life stops being able to procreate, the nutrients in the ground get used up, the world becomes a desert as the plant life dwindles, Soon without any more plant life the atmosphere simply gets blown away by solar winds. Without atmosphere not even microbial life has a chance. Without these incredible ‘pests’ Earth becomes Mars.. …. . … /.

Look where your walking.. .

Without Us You Would Surely Die… .. .

‘Wit/Houtu/Syouw/Oulds/Ure/Lydie’   Acrylic on Plywood 30 x 30 cm (each)