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UPfucked. . …. / /… ///.

Well it has been a seriously intense weekend up in Bristol for UPFEST 2012… . I’m not entirely sure i’ve fully processed it yet but i do know it has been incredible. Over the course of the weekend i managed to get two huge pieces finished as well as finding time to take in the festivities, explore/get lost in Bristol and meet some pretty amazing people. .. . ….. . /. The pictures below are of the stages and finished piece at the Upfest festival and tomorrow when ive actually had time to sleep and process i will post pictures of the piece that i did and the very grand and painfully friendly Rock & Bowl Hostal…  … . . ///. / . . cheers guys its been surreal . . ././ .

‘Blind Faith’  Acrylic, Spray and Markers on Plywood   5ft x 8ft


Finally a new painting.. … . … . .. / .

Recently i have been exceptionally busy and haven’t painted anything new in nearly two weeks, for those of you who know me this is completely unheard of. So finally i have some time again and there is a new piece. It’s not finished yet but here are some pics of  ’21st Century Socialising’ in the process  . …. . .. finishing touches come tomorrow.. . . ./.

I Yes one of them is blurry, I wasn’t going to give it all away… . .. . . you’ll have to wait until tomorrow.. . . ….. . .. .. /.