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Birth.. ./. Life… . ././// Death./

He’s something to balance out the niceties of the last post… /. This piece has been painted on an old dart board box, the box itself is as you would expect covered in misfired shots  and dart holes. I found it on one my travels the other week and it seemed like the perfect surface for this idea i had sitting in my sketch book for far too long…/..

‘Life Is Pain’   50 cm x 50 cm  Acrylic on Dartboard Box


Jesus Couldn’t Save Himself. .. … .. . .. /.

Far out in a disused remote rail workers cabin hangs a martyr for no one, you wouldn’t even know he’s there. With the heavens pouring through the celling and the hell fire burning his feet he will go unnoticed .. . ….. .. . . .. /.

Gadgets Thy God .. …. . .. . /.

‘Jesus Ain’t Got Status’    Acrylic and Burnt Bible on Hardboard       45 cm X 57 cm