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Change.. . . /.///.

The change of season is finally starting to have noticeable effect./. the sun is out and the grass seems greener and it reminds me of a painting i revised a few months ago which you’ve not seen yet….. .. // I went through a bit of a phase of chopping up all those awful paintings i did and making them into something much more interesting so with the change of season in mind and the change of old paintings here is ‘Fall’ revised …. .  . /.

(2012-10-10) Fall

‘Fall’ revised   Acrylic on Hardboard


FaII (Men Catching Leaves)……..

It is finally finished, “FaII (Men Catching Leaves)” stands 122cm x 201cm (W xH) and is the biggest painting I have endured but certainly won’t be the biggest or last………

Acrylic and Enamel on Board.

Up Close And Personal……

The 122cm x 201cm (W xH) “FaII” (Men Catching Leaves) is very rapidly nearing completion.

Here are a few up close shots of select parts in intimate detail so’s not to give anything away….

Finished piece coming very so…………….. .