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Life. . /In Little Pieces. . . . ././.

The more i practice for the art of Tattoo the more my half finished ideas of art and expression slip away, today i sought to rekindle one such project, changing the pen for the brush to take on an old adversary

In 2012 i started a series entitled ‘Life In Little Pieces’.
The idea was to create a wall of 12 ‘saints’ all of which have had their place in my life past and future. essentially they are all self portraits  /. They would be exhibited in a row, like the imposing art in a christian church, but take on a more gothic and self reflecting tone. Rather than these idols that celebrate the idea of virtue and sacrifice i wanted to focus on the parts of humanity which we might not want to fully admit, misdeed, alienation, heartbreak and ultimately, mortality.

Today’s two new additions means that there is only one more step to complete this long forgotten project././ The hardest step ‘Passing The Seed’./.


Everything Dies Eventually .. . … . ….. . . /.


Liberating isn’t it? Comforting also… .. .. .  Be aware of and take pleasure in your own mortality it will help you to do things you never thought you would.

Any wrong doings you’ve witnessed.. . …. . . Don’t worry they’ll get their comeuppance and die too.

Everything paid for and recycled in one swift motion.

‘Fig I’ (Memento Mori) Acrylic and Gloss on reclaimed Mirror Frame

Get a little closer.. . .. ..