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Girls And Boys. ./ . Old And New.,/.When We Grow Up And Move On. .. . .///.


Girls and Boys Grow Old.././. Brighton 2015

Obsessive followers would have noted of late most of my works of the past year are based around the art of tattoo and graphic design. Many artists go through dramatic changes as their lives influence their decisions and their work. I am one such example../.

I have recently started work as a tattoo apprentice at Black Sails Tattoo Brighton, because of this i am finding less and less time for painting and creating Fine Art, it also means i have less and less space for my previous works and my new work expands and takes over i must make room for such changes. I have always been an advocate of free art, street exhibitions and vandalism, In a fond farewell to some of my earliest “serious” art works i found the perfect place to wave goodbye and grow a little… .. ././. Here’s to always moving forward./ .


Pecking At The Sidelines. / ././/. /

There’s been a few hitches and and a few spelling mistakes.. /. But Pecking At The Side Lines is up for a month. /./ 90 pigeons later./. and a whole bunch of new prints and paintings its definitely my most happy show to date./. Whats wrong with me. >?


Heres a few pictures around the show… / / Incl the wall of pigeons/

Oh You Tease

Here is a little shot of what the ’13 women’ show looks like from the outside….. ./. you can just about make out my piece, but it would be even better if you headed down to the Jubilee library tomorrow night for the private view.. ./.

Get your name on the guest list here.. /.

DSCN0177 (2) - Copy

Enough…. Humans…. Please…/ .

This has to be the most simple painting i’ve ever done ,.. .. /. but i do feel its one of the most effective too.. . . //.

(2012-11-27) I've Had It Up To Here With Those Bastards

‘I’ve Had It Up To Here With Those Bastards’  Acrylic on Hardboard  57 cm x 77 cm

13 Women…. .. /. And Men.. / /…

I have been a bit rubbish at posting in the past few weeks and im only just starting to get on top of it all…/ . ///

This March i am part of an incredible exhibition put on by I LOVE ART UK. It brings together 13 women and 13 men from all artistic walks to celebrate the similarities and differences we all share and it co insides with international women’s day. It is going to be one of the more beautiful venues i’ve had my work displayed in and one of the most diverse group shows i’ve ever been part of, But don’t take my word for it look for your self…….. ././. Each week two new artist get announced so theres plenty more to come still… . ./.

Check out the current releases here… /.

Each Artist is creating a solely original piece for the show, which will be for sale and also available in a limited run of prints…//.

Pigeons With Pride.. . ././. //

Though it didn’t necessarily fall on a Friday this week i decided to postpone the free art drops one day and release some birds with a gay twist.. . ../. i hope those who found them took them in to a loving home and didn’t treat them any differently o.O  .. . …. .. ../. ./ .

And that’s where i left them. .. . ././ .

Stay Away.. . . ./ /. . .

A friend of mine had a close and strange encounter on the beaches of Brighton at 5am.. .. .. . . . . ////. .. /.

‘Who Are You?  And What Are You Doing Here’   Acrylic on Reclaimed Plywood   72 cm x 84 cm

Apologies for the poor picture.. . … . . .//.

Close Up With The Book Of Love. . …. . . .. . / ./ .

Here are some close ups of a multimedia piece im currently working on. .. … / . / .

The Book Of Love.. . /.

Slate Portrait.. . … .. . / . /.

All March i am taking commissions for portraits…. . details and completed portraits in the album below.. . …. .. /. / .

Getting Ahead. . …. . .

You see my Profile picture You see my HEad collection.. . .. .. / . i will be offering Portraits all march for those interested in being De-faced. . .. . .. /. / .

The portraits are going to be 22 x 50 cm on slate tiles and £30 each.. . . if you want to send me some potential photos and i will ruin your face. . .. / ./ .

‘Self Portrait’   Acrylic on Slate  22 x 50 cm

I’m So Sorry Miss LI. . .. . ……. . . . / .

A woman named only as ‘Miss Li’ was broadcast all over the world and immortalised forever because of a series of incredible events and people. Dressed in her wedding gown, 22 year-old college student Miss Li, sat crying on the window ledge of her apartment, a building in Changchun city this may. She was threatening to jump out of the seventh-floor window in Northeast China after her fiancé ended their relationship days before their wedding,saying she could not live with the fact that her fiancé had left her and married another woman just days before their wedding. Police called the distressed bride-to-be’s mother and other relatives after she dropped her bag containing her mobile phone from the building. While the streets were flooding with people and all cameras were pointed at her on the worst moment of her life, she made the decision to end it there and leaped from the ledge.. . .

 But, She was grabbed by community officer Guo Zhongfan who was trying to coax her down from inside the apartment, He held her by her neck and arms as she dangled above the street as the terrified onlookers could do little else but hold their breath. Amazingly Miss Li was pulled to safty with the aid of another man in the apartment below.

 This truly incredible story, the images and emotions that go with it will stay with me forever…. Such delicate feelings trampled, such heroic bravery displayed and such incredible selfishness and lack of foresight . . . .an utterly utterly desperate state of affairs… . … . .  . /.

‘Study Of Miss Li’   Acrylic and Labels on Card

Policemen and relatives were unable to contact Li’s former fiancé by phone.. .. . .. . . /

Missing Woman. .. …. . . . .. . .. .

‘Missing Woman’  Acrylic on board