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Valentines Love birds./. /…/.

So tomorrow it will be two weeks until valentines day/. /.

And in the spirit of things I’m going to get all soppy and offer buy one get one free on ‘Love birds’../. Choose your own colors and objects and i will paint the perfect matching partner for free.. /. /.

13 cm x 13 cm – £15 incl post
20 cm x 20 cm – £20 incl post

You can contact me directly via or you can order straight away via my shop/  ./.

Here’s some of the ‘Love Birds’ Featured in my previous exhibition ‘FRAGMENTS’


Last min xmas.. . …. . . /.

Only six left. .. .. . now at a reduced xmas price 🙂

There’s also plenty of other bits. . ..  . /.

Another birthday.. . … ./ .

To Paul Edwards of      Happy Birthday. .. .. .. / .

‘Handle With Care’    Acrylic on Cardboard

EEEE .. … . .. OR .. ./ .

Not entirely what you’ve come to expect from me but it was my step mums birthday.. . .. …… . .. . / .

Happy Birthday M

‘Butterfly’    Acrylic on Grey Card

Whats new?

Heres a few photos of what im currently working on, Its a drawing of all things old, industrial and victorian with a certain person in mind….

Method of approach……  I wanted the card to look and feel really old and dirty so i made up a mix of soot and water and painted the A3 card then roasted it, after which i scrapped any remnants off and started work with a piolot V5 hi-tecpoint.