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Brrrrrrrrrrrd Brains… /. /…. /

The weather has been particularly shit so far this Jan,,., So I’ve spent all day everyday indoors going mad making pigeons for a new show TBA .././. 86 so far.. /. ///.  Here’s the process ./ (missing the sawing and sanding ./ who wants to see that)

The original piece of wood was in fact huge though././.


The Finished Product….’s

Nobody likes being ill………..What an incredible waste of time.


‘Study Of Snail’ ……..for those unfortunate enough to be caught out yesterday.

A Good Day…….

Today has been the perfect day for staying in, The rain came hard and heavy and all the plants were drunk, The wind ran a thousand marathons and me, I got some serious work done.

‘Nine Days’ is now complete and a whole other new paintng was started and completed today with those who were caught out in ‘The Perfect Day’ in mind.

Unfortunately the perfect day was not so perfect for photgraphs, So pictures soon.