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New Year. ./ … New Beginnings. .// /. Back In Black// . ./.. ….. ./ .

2017. ././ . Its been a seriously long year, its been a seriously tough year and I’m only just reaching the end of the the beginning…

There has been a massive shift and change of course in my art work. The past four years have seen a long and slow decrease in the out put of Original Artworks and a sharp increase in the output of Drawings and  Tattoo designs. it has been a conscious effort to pursue a career that allows me to create everyday, change peoples lives and develop as an Artist. I am on the cusp of achieving this goal and  becoming a licensed Tattoo Artist, But that’s not the end of the journey it is in fact only the beginning of a new field to explore.
While Painting will always remain a true love of mine, Drawing, Design and Tattooing will be at the forefront of my output now, which has over the past few years given me completely new ideas to explore, New challenges to overcome and new skills to master.. ././.   The body too is an canvas and one i cannot wait to start making my mark on. . /././/. . Let 2018 be the year for Ink. ./ /. Black Ink. ./ .


A Selection of Designs from 2017. ./. Black Ink Only. ./ Black Book


Life. . /In Little Pieces. . . . ././.

The more i practice for the art of Tattoo the more my half finished ideas of art and expression slip away, today i sought to rekindle one such project, changing the pen for the brush to take on an old adversary

In 2012 i started a series entitled ‘Life In Little Pieces’.
The idea was to create a wall of 12 ‘saints’ all of which have had their place in my life past and future. essentially they are all self portraits  /. They would be exhibited in a row, like the imposing art in a christian church, but take on a more gothic and self reflecting tone. Rather than these idols that celebrate the idea of virtue and sacrifice i wanted to focus on the parts of humanity which we might not want to fully admit, misdeed, alienation, heartbreak and ultimately, mortality.

Today’s two new additions means that there is only one more step to complete this long forgotten project././ The hardest step ‘Passing The Seed’./.

Alien Vs Predator

A little while back a was commissioned to design a half sleeve  of Alien Vs Predator../ . I never posted photos here so ./. here they are
Black ink on paper. /.

Below are stages in the drawing process. /

Going Multinational.. / /. /.

After taking down the show FRAGMENTS./. /. .. I later found out the one of my simplest but most effective pieces hadn’t just been sold on the spot but had been taken all the way to New York City. / /./.  This made me very happy and my little fragments are slowly but surely making their way around the globe././ .Sweden, Italy, Israel and now America.. /. /. Come on Asia/./. so i can move there . /./.
(2012-11-10) Life Is Pain

‘Life Is Pain’  Only if you don’t learn from its trials../ . /. Acrylic on Reclaimed Dartboard Cupboard ./. SOLD

Re-Tar-DEAD. .. . /.

(2013-31-01) Re-Tar-DEAD

‘Re-Tar-DEAD’  Acrylic on reclaimed plywood

Birth.. ./. Life… . ././// Death./

He’s something to balance out the niceties of the last post… /. This piece has been painted on an old dart board box, the box itself is as you would expect covered in misfired shots  and dart holes. I found it on one my travels the other week and it seemed like the perfect surface for this idea i had sitting in my sketch book for far too long…/..

‘Life Is Pain’   50 cm x 50 cm  Acrylic on Dartboard Box

Little One.. . ./.

She is here .. . ./.  Little One is finally finished.. . .and all i want to do is that all over again.. . …/ A massive thanks to Leopold West, Joe Gilder,Mike Bartlett, Ben Belbin and Julia Goodchild for making this possible.. . ./.

Enjoy… /./ ..

Find out a bit more about the film here….

And find out a bit about the music here.. ./.

The Rest Of Those Birds In Black Frames. .. . /.

A few posts ago regulars would recall the ‘Birds In Black Frames’ post.. . .at the time i could only post a few of them as i was still without a camera and i still am.. . . ././. luckily i have very helpful friends. .. /. .heres the rest of those lovely birds you so often walk by.. . . ..  /./. /

‘Christ’                             ‘Just Another’                    ‘Nesting Mother’

All acrylic on hardboard in recycled canvas frames

All of the ‘Birds In Black Frames’ are available via The Jewry Street Gallery , Winchester… ./ . /

Birds in Black Frames.. . . . /./.

All four of these were painted yesterday on the streets of Brighton. . . ./. /. They are now available today here.. . / /.

Everything Changes Teaser.. . … /. /. Boneyard. . ../.

My next exhibition featuring music specially composed for the exhibition by Joe Guilder at Boneyard Audio (for which i designed the logo) here is the first teaser Boneyerd Audio meets Belbin.. . .. . /./. . … .

‘Boneyard’   Acrylic on Crate Lid   70 cm x 40 cm

Free Art Tuesday?//.. . … / . / …./ .

Today i set off bright and early for Bristol to have a meeting about showing my explosion drawings at the Tobacco Factory, The good news is i’ve secured a joint show for the summer.. . .. but that’s not the best bit, i also managed to drop 6 pieces of free art on route.. . . on my way back through i had noticed that some had already been picked up . .. ….. . . . /.

Also cracked out a little pencil drawing whilst waiting for the train home. .. .. .. ….. . /. / .

Not as big as we’d like to think.. … .. . . . .. ..

Did you know that the average brain cast of a human being is 1400ml.. . ….. . . . .. ..

‘Average Brain Cast’    Acrylic on Card



Smile. … . .


‘Grin And Bear It’      Acrylic on Card

Skulls. . .. . . … . .. . ..

‘Skulls’  Gloss on Board

Missing Woman. .. …. . . . .. . .. .

‘Missing Woman’  Acrylic on board

Keep your head straight. .. …. . .

This is a study of a tool used in early radiation therapy . . … ..  ….  “Radiation Head Restraint”

Acrylic On Board

Skulls Are Coming To The Subways. .. … . . .. . . ….. . . ..

I am in the final stages of confirming everything for this up and coming exhibition ‘Gutters To Galleries’

Soon these three skulls will be fining a new temporary home in the subways of Southampton, Keep your eyes peeled and watch this space for conformation of dates.

Skulls With Holes . .. …. … . . .. . In Progress. .

Skate And Die. … . .. . . ….. .. . .. .

For ages now my longboard has been a blank and unused canvas, I only ever really paint on wood i find so whats the difference? Heres the finished product without any of the hardware.

Skulls Skulls Skulls.. . … …. . . . . .. .. . .

Three Skulls PML’       Acrylic on board

Get Those Perfect Lips.. . .. … . . . . .. ….. .. .

‘Vanity Kills’ acrylic on board                                                                                                  ‘Cousin’ acrylic on board

Wasting more of your life trying to look beautiful rather than realising the real beauty, that its one chance to live and learn and that it will always boil down to one single truth it always ends the same. To be lost in time and forgotten about.

Skull Studies………..

I had just recently paid a visit to the natural history museum……. one of the most beautiful interesting places in England, And it got me thinking about death…….

“Absent Brain Surgery” Acrylic on card 25cm x 27cm           “Climate Change” Acrylic on card 30cm x 27cm

No doubt there will be more to come……………..

FaII (Men Catching Leaves)……..

It is finally finished, “FaII (Men Catching Leaves)” stands 122cm x 201cm (W xH) and is the biggest painting I have endured but certainly won’t be the biggest or last………

Acrylic and Enamel on Board.