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All Hands On Deck!!!!.. . . / ./…/

Working on a new commission, a full length pirate sleeve, drawn to scale./. . ./ .
The brief was to include an octopus, a pirate ship, a compass and a pirate pin-up girl./ I decided to keep it quite traditional, so after a bit of research i also included treasure, black roses , an anchor and coral to fill up the gaps and tie the whole piece together./.

After a days work i managed to get pretty much the full outline inked and the blue water/paint smear filled and tidied up./.
The rest of the piece is going to be shaded with black ink for a  dark high contrast finish./

So far.. . .. /././


Skulls With Holes . .. …. … . . .. . In Progress. .

Skate And Die. … . .. . . ….. .. . .. .

For ages now my longboard has been a blank and unused canvas, I only ever really paint on wood i find so whats the difference? Heres the finished product without any of the hardware.