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Franz’s Many Heads Left Scattered On The Beach.. . . ./// ./

Today i took a walk along Brighton beach with a bag of heads.. ././. . ../. Though i felt a bit bad for leaving them there, i didnt think they’d last long and at the very least they’d be returned to a natural origin.. / ./. So my conscience wasn’t too heavy i left with a couple of buckets of beach rubbish,  leaving the beach better than i found it.,. . ..// .

These slate paintings were painted over two years ago, from a series of photographs i took at a small intimate gig at the Bargate Monument in Southampton. The head in question was that of Franz Nicolay.. . /. Good bye Nicolay. /.


A New Glitch. ../ ./.

Recently i have made a conscious decision to change the way i paint.// ./ It may just be a phase it might take over everything.. /./

‘Old Crows’ 2014  Acrylic, Spray Paint on Whiteboard and Slate.

All found in the street.

Well It Was My Intention.. /./.

Well it was my intention today to post some photos of new paintings from 2014./.. ./. But all of them are at my current show ‘Pecking At The Sidelines’ .././ You’ll have to wait until April 22nd . . . ..//. Here’s what i’m currently working on instead . ./ . /


‘Old Crows’  Slate and Acrylic ob White Board. /. In Progress./


Slate Mountain.././. ./

A new slate portrait commission just completed. . /. /

Three friends took an epic journey mountain biking and wanted to commemorate it with a Belbin portrait../ .

Ref Pre Sketch

Hope you like it Anth. . / //.

Remembering Faces.. . . // .

Offering Portraits for those interested in being De-faced. . .. . .. /. / .

I will be offering to do your portrait on slate.. .. . Just send me some pictures.. . . /. / .

The portraits are going to be 22 x 50 cm on slate tiles and £30 each £40 including P+P .. . . if you want to send me some potential photos and i will ruin your face. . .. / ./ .

Bigger slates are available on request . . . ././.

Slate. . . . . ./. /.

Again many apologies for the severe lack of posts rest assured the work is still pilling up i just don’t yet have any means to photograph it. . .. . I do on the plus side have  a new pile of slate’s. .. .. . . and this time theres options. .. /./. Do you want you face destroyed? or maybe someone else’s face?? .. . . /./.

Small. . .. . 20cm x 25cm approx £25 inc post
Medium. . … .28cm x 35cm approx £40 inc post
Large.. . … . 60cm x 60cm approx £80 inc post

For previous slates look here. . .. /.

PCM Free Art Easter Sunday Exhibition. .. .. …. . . // . /.

Portsmouth Creative Movement (PCM) present

A big Free Art street exhibition and giveaway in Portsmouth UK

sunday 8th April (Easter sunday) from 12pm

I will be displaying/giving away 6 lovely slates.. . … /.

Pigeon Slates. . .. /.

Morrison Collection.. . …/.

Get Down And Get Some Free Art.. . . Literally hundreds of amazing artists involved

Slate Portrait.. . … .. . / . /.

All March i am taking commissions for portraits…. . details and completed portraits in the album below.. . …. .. /. / .

Getting Ahead. . …. . .

You see my Profile picture You see my HEad collection.. . .. .. / . i will be offering Portraits all march for those interested in being De-faced. . .. . .. /. / .

The portraits are going to be 22 x 50 cm on slate tiles and £30 each.. . . if you want to send me some potential photos and i will ruin your face. . .. / ./ .

‘Self Portrait’   Acrylic on Slate  22 x 50 cm

Heads. .. … .. . / . / ./ …

A while back on a freezing winter night a very close friend of mine was putting on a show in the monument gallery castle in Southampton, right at the last minute he need to find a photographer.. . . and well i have a camera and i liked the acts playing so i was chosen. The venue its self was enough of an excuse to go along but the bands on the bill were all fantastic too. The head-liner who i was especially enthusiastic about was Franz Nicolay previously of The Hold Steady. I’d seen and met him once before but that as only in passing, So i knew i had to go.

Though the heating in the venue had packed up by the time the show started the whole evening flew by in a blizzard of sub zero temperatures and snow white smiles. Everyone had had an awesome evening shouting along in a castle and i had got thousands of photos. Upon arriving home post gig i started reviewing the photos, i noticed that Franz was a hard man to capture still. I had quite a good collection of blurred faces, i decided to keep them for future reference. I later forgot about them and carried on painting as i normally would.

But Yesterday i stumbled upon them again and decided to do a quick series on Franz’s head, i had some old bits of slate lying around and so i figured considering the venue this would be the perfect medium. . … . . .. …. . . /. Here is ‘Franz Head Collection I-V’

‘Franz Head Collection I-V’   Acrylic on Slate

Soon to have a new home. .. . . .. . /.

This small hand full of reclaimed slate paintings will soon find a new home with people i’ve never met.. .. . .. .