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All Feelings Hidden//. .. .. ./..

Public transport is a big influence on my work.. /its where i begrudgingly spend a lot of my time and its definitely one of the strangest environments i have to endure…./. Only humans could invent an environment where you are completely surrounded by your own kind, but you sit in complete silence. Then once you are off and back on to the streets you call yourselves social creatures. /./../ I am not a social creature../. And to be honest i quite like the uptight silence.. /.

(2012-12-10) An Invisible Barrier Of Perspex

‘Hidden Behind An Invisible Barrier Of Perspex’   Acrylic and Collage on Layered Plywood    92 cm x 66 cm



21st Century Socialising… . … .. . . .

People who complain about boring nights out then spend all night on their stupid fucking phones.. . … .. . .

’21st Century Socialising’    Acrylic on Plywood    110 x 90 cm

Finally a new painting.. … . … . .. / .

Recently i have been exceptionally busy and haven’t painted anything new in nearly two weeks, for those of you who know me this is completely unheard of. So finally i have some time again and there is a new piece. It’s not finished yet but here are some pics of  ’21st Century Socialising’ in the process  . …. . .. finishing touches come tomorrow.. . . ./.

I Yes one of them is blurry, I wasn’t going to give it all away… . .. . . you’ll have to wait until tomorrow.. . . ….. . .. .. /.