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Tragically Beautiful. . … / . / .

Those following this blog would possibly remember this post.. . … . .

I have covered the subject many times now.. . .but i have once again been unable to resist returning to what could be the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen.. .. .Once again i say ‘I’m So Sorry Miss Li’

‘I’m So Sorry Miss Li’   Diptych Acrylic on Reclaimed Crates     148 x 114 cm (in total)



I’m So Sorry Miss LI. . .. . ……. . . . / .

A woman named only as ‘Miss Li’ was broadcast all over the world and immortalised forever because of a series of incredible events and people. Dressed in her wedding gown, 22 year-old college student Miss Li, sat crying on the window ledge of her apartment, a building in Changchun city this may. She was threatening to jump out of the seventh-floor window in Northeast China after her fiancé ended their relationship days before their wedding,saying she could not live with the fact that her fiancé had left her and married another woman just days before their wedding. Police called the distressed bride-to-be’s mother and other relatives after she dropped her bag containing her mobile phone from the building. While the streets were flooding with people and all cameras were pointed at her on the worst moment of her life, she made the decision to end it there and leaped from the ledge.. . .

 But, She was grabbed by community officer Guo Zhongfan who was trying to coax her down from inside the apartment, He held her by her neck and arms as she dangled above the street as the terrified onlookers could do little else but hold their breath. Amazingly Miss Li was pulled to safty with the aid of another man in the apartment below.

 This truly incredible story, the images and emotions that go with it will stay with me forever…. Such delicate feelings trampled, such heroic bravery displayed and such incredible selfishness and lack of foresight . . . .an utterly utterly desperate state of affairs… . … . .  . /.

‘Study Of Miss Li’   Acrylic and Labels on Card

Policemen and relatives were unable to contact Li’s former fiancé by phone.. .. . .. . . /