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Eight Foot Beautys.. /. / .

Regulars to my blog would have noted that last Upfest i also painted at the notorious Rock & Bowl hostel, Every Upfest they open up their doors and invite artists from around the world to leave their mark at the hostel. Last year i was honored to be offered a space of my own and leapt on the opportunity Though this year i was not staying at the hostel, their winsome manager “Matty B” extended the same offer to me once more. This time round i was a year older and had a partner in crime so i went for something completely different and chose a completely different space under the recommendation of Matty B. Its the only dark wall in the hostel and is the entrance to the smoking area. . / ./. These devastating beauty’s are 8 feet tall and were painted in about 2-3hours . /.// // …./ .

Painted using Spray Paint, Acrylic and Poscas
The Crab and Japanese were crafted by Frin.. ./. Translation “They’re So Pretty!”


Wasting Time On The Train When I Should Be Painting.. .. … .. . . /. / .

‘Another Ticket’  Acrylic on Plywood   65 x 48 cm

I have spent most of the past few weeks catching trains and pushing my art on to people, Thankfully I’m back painting  now rather than being sat stationary in motion .. .. .. …. . . . .. / .

Free Art Tuesday?//.. . … / . / …./ .

Today i set off bright and early for Bristol to have a meeting about showing my explosion drawings at the Tobacco Factory, The good news is i’ve secured a joint show for the summer.. . .. but that’s not the best bit, i also managed to drop 6 pieces of free art on route.. . . on my way back through i had noticed that some had already been picked up . .. ….. . . . /.

Also cracked out a little pencil drawing whilst waiting for the train home. .. .. .. ….. . /. / .