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A New Side Of Bin Laden.. . .. . ….. . .. .. .. . .. .

The death of Osama Bin Laden, the most wanted man in the world for the past ten years was apparently cause for celebration among many white westerners and an excuse for many cheap headlines in the name of “objective news coverage”  well personally the whole affair made me sick. Legions and legions of people all lined up to celebrate the death of a man they had never met and didn’t really have a clue about. Now i’m not saying or implying that i agree with Osama or any of his actions, but i also dont agree with most of the actions our so called civilised western culture has made either.

The whole situation is riddled with murky waters and closed doors and has been from the start lets face it none of us have any real clue or information on either party to formulate a real opinion, so partying at someones death and broadcasting hateful taunts is just plain old ignorance.

Nothing has changed the east still hates the west and the west is still hungry.. .  . .. . . .

” A New Side Of Bin Laden ” Acrylic on weathered boards