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Live Artwork. . …. . .. . . . /.

A big thanks to ‘Wizard Sleeve’ for putting on a sick multimedia party in Guildford last night, I tend not to go out to parties because id rather get something else done and not have to deal with people. But last night was a rare exception, and when i arrived i noticed two huge boards suspiciously placed just asking to be painted on, I asked about and despite no one having a clue who i was or if i was even any good they donated one of the boards to me and luckily i had paint in my bag but only one paint brush. Without an idea and having never painted live for people before i went ahead using my hands, my single brush and one pot of black enamel, Here’s what came out .. .. … .. . . ..  Also another thanks to ‘NUKOF’ For lending me some blue spray.. .. .. . . / .

‘It’s Over, Yet.. . ./.’   Enamel and Spray Paint on Plaster Board

Jakob Belbin                And           NUKOF