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Live Artwork. . …. . .. . . . /.

A big thanks to ‘Wizard Sleeve’ for putting on a sick multimedia party in Guildford last night, I tend not to go out to parties because id rather get something else done and not have to deal with people. But last night was a rare exception, and when i arrived i noticed two huge boards suspiciously placed just asking to be painted on, I asked about and despite no one having a clue who i was or if i was even any good they donated one of the boards to me and luckily i had paint in my bag but only one paint brush. Without an idea and having never painted live for people before i went ahead using my hands, my single brush and one pot of black enamel, Here’s what came out .. .. … .. . . ..  Also another thanks to ‘NUKOF’ For lending me some blue spray.. .. .. . . / .

‘It’s Over, Yet.. . ./.’   Enamel and Spray Paint on Plaster Board

Jakob Belbin                And           NUKOF


Get Out There, Go Clubbing You Might Find Someone Who Really Loves You.. … .. …… . . ..

Living for the weekend, the only way to have a good time is to go out and get fucked….. .. . . I grow tiresome of the endless supply of pissed up inflated egos falling out of clubs and pissing against statues, dressed in this seasons hottest new look in the hope that they can find someone to stick it to… .. . .. Fuck That.


‘Bliss’ Acrylic on Boards