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Rock-a-Bye Baby. . ./ . /


I feel a new series coming on .. . / //.. .. /.

(2013-04-29) Baby In A Bag

‘Baby In A Bag’ Acrylic and Posca on Reclaimed Plywood sealed in Plastic bag



The recent snow is testament to how detrimental the effects of global warming are becoming even here in merry old England, so it is with great pride that i exhibit this piece at the Onca Gallery, Brighton…. . . /./

‘Footprints’ is my contribution to the show, the theme being the melting of our precious ice caps and the knock on effect that has/. . . …/ /.

Please Hold.. . . . .. ////./.

I really despise waiting…  /.

(2012-11-05) You Sort It Out

‘You Sort It Out’ (2012)  Acrylic and Oil on Plywood

All Feelings Hidden//. .. .. ./..

Public transport is a big influence on my work.. /its where i begrudgingly spend a lot of my time and its definitely one of the strangest environments i have to endure…./. Only humans could invent an environment where you are completely surrounded by your own kind, but you sit in complete silence. Then once you are off and back on to the streets you call yourselves social creatures. /./../ I am not a social creature../. And to be honest i quite like the uptight silence.. /.

(2012-12-10) An Invisible Barrier Of Perspex

‘Hidden Behind An Invisible Barrier Of Perspex’   Acrylic and Collage on Layered Plywood    92 cm x 66 cm


Enough…. Humans…. Please…/ .

This has to be the most simple painting i’ve ever done ,.. .. /. but i do feel its one of the most effective too.. . . //.

(2012-11-27) I've Had It Up To Here With Those Bastards

‘I’ve Had It Up To Here With Those Bastards’  Acrylic on Hardboard  57 cm x 77 cm

More Death .. . ..//.

Another mini series in preparation for next years solo show in Portsmouth.. . . . /./ ..


‘Death’ / ‘More Death’ / ‘Dead’

Acrylic on Recycled frame stands// /

Do What We Say.. . . /.

I’m not really one for digital print making but last night i had a little dabble. This isn’t very original nor is it particularly clever, But it does get the point across quite well.. . …/.

Miles and Miles… /.

Another painting i revised .. . i just wish i could get a picture of it in fully detail.. /.

‘Miles And Miles Of Filth’

Abuse Of The World.. . . /./ . /.

‘Relics’  37 cm x 38 cm                                           ‘The Future’  37 cm x 38 cm

All Systems Crash.. . ././.

‘Econo-Me Me Me’   A3

You don’t need me to explain.. . . you don’t even need me to tell you.. . . /.//./

Sunday Monday Broadsheets. . . .. ./ ./. ////.

‘Daily Heil’  37 cm x 38 cm     ‘Quids In’  37 cm x 38 cm

Sunday Papers.. . .. /./.

Well its sunday.. .. So rustle and absorb your broadsheet over egg and toast.. …. ././.

‘GlobeRotter’  37 cm x 38 cm

At least those scum bags are punctual. . .. /./.

Many apologies, trying to upload daily photos when you dont actually have internet can be testing.. . . . luckily all is now resolved heres TWO NEWs Papers. . . …. /.

‘Fear Deidre’  37 cm x 38 cm             ‘The Scum’  37 cm x 38 cm

Money Money Money. . . . .. Wheres it all gone???/ .. . . /./. /.

‘Captain Crunch’  37 x 38 cm

What A Load Of Shite/. . . .. /./. /.

‘The Bum’  37 x 38 cm

Drowning.. . . /./. /

Apologies my internet failed yesterday before i could post the 3rd installment of News Of The World.. . . . ./. so here’s two.. . / /.

‘The Liquid League’  Day 3      ‘Shortlisted’  Day 4

‘News Of The World’.. . . . /./. /.

Do you ever walk by the news stand and wonder ‘How the fuck can they get away with this?’ Are you ever in a queue minding your own business and forced to conceive something utterly discussing?  Do you ever think  ‘Can this Actually be real?’ Do you wonder like me what it would be like without them?

We all know the deal with these ‘Newspapers’ they’re jam packed full of half truths, bare faced lies and propaganda in order to make you think and fell a certain way. So why do they still thrive? Why are trees getting cut down and pockets lined? We have the internet which throws the doors wide open to free press, objective opinions and the ability to cross reference, it seems totally redundant that these scum sheets are still being pushed in to our lives.

See them for what they really are, Each day i will release another hate filled fear mongering rag riddled with hypocrisy and contradiction.. . ./. Enjoy/ The News Of The World… . . /./.

‘The Sin’   37 x 38 cm

We all want comfort and security . … . . . … . .. . . ..

We have created the one thing holding us all down, Bankers, Politicians, You and me are all hiding behind it and arrange our selves according to it.

‘Deathicit’  Acrylic on boards

Lets Make a Deal.. . . .. … … . . . . . ..

‘Lets Make a Deal’     Acrylic and Bible on boards

One that Fell Behind.. . . .. .. .

This is a painting on scraps of wood i found and then stuck together to create my ‘canvas’  It was finished about the time i  had no laptop so i simply forgot to upload it …. . ..  .  here you go, its fairly self explanatory.


‘Hungry Hungry Humans’

Because it’s all been piling up… . . .. . .. .











‘Crumpled Human Package’

‘Clockwork Workclock’

Bombs Bombs Bombs…….. Thanks For All The Bombs

An old painting has been re-born and reframed… . . ..

‘Thanks For All The Bombs” Acrylic on Board triptych

This Certainly Wasn’t Our Decision….. … . . … . . .

“Put Them in There Place” Acrylic On Card 34cm x 24cm


ForCed iN LIke pArt oF tHE sCenERy, HuDDled And DIshEveLed.

THEy BecOMe As filThy aS tHe GARgoYles ThEy’vE rePlACed, ExcEpT…….

INsteAd oF prOVOkiNg fEar, THey PrvOkE DIsgUst

aND WhY?                                    We pUt tHEm thERe … . .

Here Come The Bin Men Again….I Wonder Where It All Goes?

Landfill………. …. …. .. . .. … One of the most disgusting results of the human race, and its only getting deeper with the population steadily climbing to Nine Billion………….

“Miles And Miles Of Filth” Acrylic and Enamel on board.